The talented Bonnie aka Aleksandra Anna Skwarc has been deeply involved in electronic music for over a decade. Growing up in Hamburg, the energetic and dedicated artist quickly found her feet in music. Her career kick-started in the late 90s thanks to Radioshows on FSK Radio and and parties with Lawrence from Dial Rec. in Golden Pudel Club Hamburg., which became her residency for over 4 years.
Arriving in Berlin in 2006 Bonnie started as a Dj Booker for 103 Club, where she met Till Harter, who invited her to host a Night at his new Bar Tausend: The “In Love With” were famous for over 2 years where she invited her favourite Dj´s and Live Acts like Mocky, Die Vögel, Bon Homme, Basti Schwarz, DJ Kaos, DJ Fetisch, The Teenagers, Christian Naujoks, Ben Westbeech, Kill The Tills, Kim Ann Foxmann, Märtini Brös, Eamon Harkin & Justin Carter, Misty Rabbit, Jan Kedves, just to name a few. She did bookings for COOP featuring the crème de la crème of international DJ’s from labels ranging from DFA to Kitsuné at former Scala Club. As a co-owner of the Musique Couture agency, she makes custom-tailored musical conceptions and is trusted by clubs and bars as well as brands and hotels for her exceptional taste in music. Her music compilations are a hit! Bonnie is known for her stylish appearance, her eclectic endless sets brings tears of joy to your eyes with Pop Acid.
Bonnie started in September 2012 a new party format called Rendez- Vous at Pauly Saal Bar.


This Saturday Bonnie will play with us at our Munich residency: KONG! Come & party with us!!!


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