08·09·2k12 — KYS.™ #1 — KONG


this is Kyselina™. in the following months we are going to bring you Sick Girls, Le1f & Grimes! Our nights will always be combined with intense visual stimulation brought to you by truth seeking individuals.
First up:


/BBE | Violent Turd]


/When i dip]


/video works | cellphone diaries]


You got 5 minutes to live –
Come on a raid with us as we strive towards the core of our recycled culture. Grab whatever fits and apply to your body & mind. Prepare medi kit for 100% health.
“The Sick Girls combine elements from a plethora of music styles, bringing them all together in one big cutting edge hybrid state of the art of contemporary dance music.”
The Cat People, well known from the WHEN I DIP partys, you knowz it. + A video installation by Bora Tanay providing a globalmobile cellphone sphere to make love to.


☣ SG


☣ CP


☣ BT


☣ KYS.™