SVS (Selbstversorgersound) was set up by Beni Brachtel aka Bartellow in 2007. His goal was to bring different artists together, woo them out of their comfort zone and confront them with a primal lifestyle far away from their familiar periphery. Meanwhile SVS has become a perfect platform for an intensive social and creative interchange. „SVS 1“ is the first official collection made up of songs from the last three years by various artists whose backgrounds could hardly be more diverse.


Every late summer, artists of all kinds – especially musicians and music producers – check in at a chalet in the alps for two weeks. Without mobile network but packed with top notch studio equipment.

The seclusion of the venue does not only affect the social coexistence but also the artistical output of all participants. Everything is focussing on the elementary: eating, sleeping, nature and the production of music, that would never be the same if it wasn‘t for the circumstances.

In a small space in the middle of nowhere there is cooperations growing almost every hour. It is not unusual to see someone bringing freshly recorded samples from a mountain hike or to have someone sing and record a line on the way to bed. It may happen that a beat is drummed with a dishtowel over the shoulder – all for a song that is given its first small release party under the open sky that same night.


Among others, the sampler contains tracks of the following artists:

Violetta Parisini
(Universal Music)

Acht Schaltkreise
(Günther Lause, Berlin)

(Pollyester / Columbus / GTA Hoffmann)

Harry Jen
(Firway Records, Winner FM4 Soundpark)

Larkin & the Sky
(Goldsmith, London)

(Leutral, Leipzig)


Despite the different soundscapes of the tracks, this sampler is notice- ably homogenous. Just as if all elements subordinate to the synergy of their common evolution.